Naturally brined fermented blends.  Raw, organic, and probiotic.  Sourced from local, regional farms and  handmade in small batches.  We offer seasonal specialties and a few mainstays.  Follow up on social media for updates on seasonal specialties available at farmers markets and special events.



Classic Kraut.

Traditional Eastern European style sauerkraut.  It is aged for a min one month to ensure optimal flavor, texture, and probiotic activity.  Green cabbage is sourced farmer direct from the Salinas Valley.  Spiced with caraway, yellow and brown mustard seeds.  The final product is a delicate but crisp kraut great for any occasion.


Tart Apple Red Kraut.

A vibrant, unique sauerkraut. Athough it is aged longer than any other our thick cut remains crisp. Red cabbage is sourced farmer direct from the Salinas Valley.  We add seasonal apples to give the kraut a sweet and tart flavor.  Spiced with allspice, juniper and black pepper.  The final product is a colorful, crisp kraut great for any occasion.


Dearborn Turnips.

Inspired by the pickles found in the Arabic restaurants that are ubiquitous in Dearborn, Michigan. Turnips, beets, red onions, and spices, create a uniquely delicious probiotic pickle.  These beautiful bright pink turnips are a colorful and tasty addition to sandwiches, wraps, hummus plates, and Mediterranean recipes. We are proud combine the flavors of our Michigan roots with organic northern California produce in this simple but flavorful pickle.

Fruitvale Carrots & Peppers

Our family has a tradition of stopping at the taco trucks in the east Oakland neighborhood of Fruitvale to scoop burritos and tacos en route to A's games. No massive Fruitvale burrito would be complete without a side of house made pickles. The Fruitvale Carrots & Peppers seek to capture the flavors and textures of carrots and jalapeños picked in a spiced brine. So grab a jar and munch on them as you devour this a homemade burrito, taco or torta. 

PICS Courtesy of GOOD EGGS and Colin Price and Chris Arson


Habanero Turmeric Kimchi

Full flavored taste sensation. HTK is bok choy based, and loaded with fresh garlic and ginger and dried habanero peppers and turmeric. It is a deliciously distinct ferment with sustained heat and citrus overtones.  Quickly becoming the TFF flagship product, it is Bay Area fusion at it’s finest.